Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Write a Paper Rachel-Style

1) Think deeply about the topic.

2) Format paper in MLA-style except for line spacing. (I like to surprise myself with how much I have written by making it all 2.0 at the very end. It's a magical confidence booster.) 

3) Look up how to spell the professor's name for the fifth time.

4) Ponder whether or not the professor goes by his first or middle name. 

5)Develop a thesis statement.

6) Write 3-5 topic sentences. 

7) Completely rewrite thesis statement.

8) Word-vomit a rough argument onto the page. 

9) Hopelessly comb through mind for the perfect, relatable introduction. 

10) Tie in introduction into conclusion. 

11) Do a happy dance. 

12) Eat a celebratory Oreo.

13) Command S. 

14) Email to self. 

15) Command P. 

16) Grade self by writing notes in margins and marking through typos. 

17) Read out loud to wall. 

18) Email to someone for them to read over it for dumb grammar errors.

19) Fix edits.

20) Turn in.